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The Legal Services Center originated in 1979 with a commitment to combine education and service in the study of law.

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The Legal Services Center has a long record of providing exemplary legal services to address the unmet needs of low-income families in Greater Boston.

Students & Clinics

The Legal Services Center provides students a singular opportunity to engage in hands-on learning within a community-based law firm.

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The Legal Services Center hosts a number of events for students, academics, potential clients, and the general public related to its areas of expertise.

  • National Association of Consumer Advocates elects Bertling to serve as co-chairman of the Massachusetts NACA chapter

    The Board of Directors of the National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) recently announced that it had elected Roger Bertling, Director of the Predatory Lending and Consumer Protection Clinic of the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law school,  to serve as co-chairman of the Massachusetts NACA chapter. NACA is a nonprofit association of more than […]

  • Update: January 30th ITT Bankruptcy Hearing

    On Monday, January 30, the judge in ITT’s bankruptcy granted former ITT students’ request that they be recognized as having filed a group claim despite the trustee’s objection, and recognized the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School as students’ counsel for this initial stage of their case. Former ITT students requested this group recognition as part […]

  • New York Times Calls Former ITT Students’ Legal Action ‘Gratifying’

    “It seems only right that victims of predatory for-profit education companies should have their student loans forgiven,” the article begins. It goes on to discuss the validity of students’ claims, their difficulty in getting debt relief, and the thousand of pages of “powerful testimony” submitted with the students’ complaint. As the article explains, the evidence shows “a pattern […]