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The Legal Services Center originated in 1979 with a commitment to combine education and service in the study of law.

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The Legal Services Center has a long record of providing exemplary legal services to address the unmet needs of low-income families in Greater Boston.

Students & Clinics

The Legal Services Center provides students a singular opportunity to engage in hands-on learning within a community-based law firm.

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The Legal Services Center hosts a number of events for students, academics, potential clients, and the general public related to its areas of expertise.

  • LSC releases report on LGBTQ Veterans Issues

    In collaboration with community partners OUTVETS, and Veterans Legal Services, LSC’s Veterans Legal Clinic recently released a report on how to fully honor the service of LGBTQ veterans, especially those who received less-than-fully honorable discharges from the military. The report summarizes the findings made by participants—including dozens of experts on LGBTQ military and veterans matters […]

  • Injunction Against Department of Education: What it Means and What Happens Next

    UPDATED – On May 25, 2018, a federal court in San Francisco granted former Corinthian borrowers’ motion for a preliminary injunction in Calvillo Manriquez v. DeVos, ordering the Department of Education to stop using its “average rulings rule” immediately, and to stop collecting the loans of certain Corinthian borrowers. The judge found that the Department of Education had […]

  • Students Help Challenge the Exorbitant Cost of Calling from Jail

    When does a simple 10 minute phone call from one spot in Massachusetts to another cost nearly $5? When you are in the county lock-up in Bristol County in the southeast corner of the state. These exorbitant fees can mount quickly and are a huge burden for the families of people awaiting trial or serving […]