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Our Work: The Project fights for low-income borrowers who have debt from for-profit colleges. We represent students and families who have experienced unfair, deceptive, and illegal conduct at the hands of for-profit colleges. In addition to litigation, we have represented our clients by advocating for policy reforms to increase accountability in the for-profit sector. To see recent blog posts, click here.

Get Help: If you attended a for-profit school and need legal help with student loan problems, contact us by leaving a message on our hotline, 617-390-2669, or filling out our online intake form.

Recent Cases

  • Williams v. DeVos: To learn more about our challenge to the government’s forced collections of fraudulently-incurred debt from Corinthian Colleges, click here.
  • EDMC: To learn more about our effort to obtain public information about EDMC’s recruitment practices, click here.
  • ITT: To learn more about our recent filing in the ITT bankruptcy case and to find information for former ITT students, click here.
  • Dieffenbacher v. DeVos: To learn more about a Corinthian borrower’s lawsuit to stop wage garnishment for her dischargeable student loans, click here.
  • Borrower Defense Rule Delay: To learn more about borrowers’ challenge to the Department of Education’s delay of the borrower defense rules, and the same borrowers’ intervention in the case challenging borrower defense rules, click here.
  • Colon v. Devos: To learn more about our lawsuit challenging the collection of fraudulently-incurred debt from Career Education Corporation’s (CEC) Sanford Brown, click here.
  • Calvillo Manriquez v. DeVos: To learn more about our lawsuit challenging the government’s collection of debt from borrowers entitled to loan relief under the Department of Education’s Corinthian Job Placement Rate Rule, click here.

Recent Press Coverage

Massachusetts Information & Resources

To learn more about the types of schools in Massachusetts, and where to file complaints with the state, visit this page of the Project’s website.

For general information on student loans, student loan policy, and student loan repayment, see Student Loan Borrower Assistance. For the Federal Student Aid office of the U.S. Department of Education, see The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau maintains a site with information for servicemembers. To request help from the Project, click here.

Our Team

Winston Berkman, Attorney and Fellow
Eileen Connor, Director of Litigation
Alec Harris, Attorney
Tamar Hoffman, Paralegal Advocate
Jessica Jimenez, Paralegal Advocate
Deanne Loonin, Attorney
Amanda Mangaser Savage, Attorney
Toby Merrill, Director
Victoria Roytenberg, Attorney
Lindsey Withem, Project Manager

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