Predatory Lending

Learning Opportunities:

Through the Predatory Lending Clinic, students represent low-income people in cases related to predatory lending and other consumer matters, including bankruptcy and debt collection defense. The practice is primarily litigation and involves consumer, bankruptcy, banking, student loan, real estate, contract, and tort law.

Project on Predatory Student Lending: Students who work with the Project on Predatory Student Lending help low-income student loan borrowers who have experienced predatory lending in connection with for-profit schools. Students gain experience interviewing clients, analyzing loan documents, drafting complaints, drafting and responding to discovery requests, conducting and defending depositions, negotiating with opposing counsel, arguing motions, conducting trials, and engaging in long-term case strategizing. In addition to direct representation of borrowers in court proceedings, arbitration, and administrative actions, some students also have the opportunity to engage in other forms of advocacy, including public education and state and federal testimony on issues important to our clients.

More Information: For more information about the Predatory Lending Clinic as a whole, click here. For more information about the Project on Predatory Student Lending, click here.

Contact Information:

For information about the Predatory Lending Clinic, please contact Roger Bertling,, (617) 390-2572.