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               Basic Tenant Rights                                 
    An Overview for Residents of Boston

Moving In

Types of Tenancies

What to look for when you visit an apartment?

Move-In Fees

Fair Housing and Rental Discrimination


During Your Tenancy

Communicating with your Landlord

Getting Repairs Made


How to get legal help?

Termination of Tenancies

Types of Evictions

Summons & Complaint

Filing your Answer, Request for Discovery and Jury Demand

Trial Date

Mediation and Negotiation

What happens after your trial?

Temporary Restraining Order

Get a Default Removed or Ask for a New Hearing

Levying the Execution – What to Expect?

What if the levy moves forward?


Legal Disclaimer: Although the information presented in these videos relates to legal issues, it is legal information and not legal advice. People dealing with housing issues who need legal advice or assistance should contact a lawyer. Every case is unique and outcomes will vary depending upon the facts and legal issues of your case. Please do not make any decisions about any legal matters without consulting an attorney first. Use of this information does not in any way create a lawyer-client relationship.

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